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Byshabah Is a Melbourne based and Independent owned Streetwear brand that focuses on inclusivity. The brand targets creative Men and Women who love and are inspired by the Streetwear style and aren't afraid to creatively express themselves.

Byshabah also has a modesty section for those who are inspired by the  street style and would like to remain modest for both religious and personal choices. The brand's modesty section focuses on garment designs that are less skin showing and figure revealing.

"As a sudanese woman raised in Melbourne, I found It difficult to find culturally appropriate clothing that matched my bold and creative soul.  This has inspired me to bring out an edgy and street aesthetic to the Street and Modest fashion industry.

Original print development made by exploring various print materials as Digital printing, block printing, spray painting and acrylic paints. These prints are a key aspect of my design practice which elevates the urban streetwear.


With my strong interest In streetwear and experience growing up, I have built “Byshabah” an inclusive brand targeting both men and women inspired by the streetwear style and also to those who like to remain modest".

- Ikram Shabah

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