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Apocalyptic Attire I II & III

Apocalyptic Attire Is a high end and luxurious three part collection Is inspired by the clashing of military doomsday wear and streetwear. Apocalyptic Attire takes the elements of the flow-y and oversized silhouettes seen on streetwear and clashing It with the harsh lines,  bold patterns and hardware from military wear and equipment.


Apocalyptic Attire Is a collection that is gender neutral, therefore very versatile. Garments from each body can be paired and styled with one another to create a completely new body, giving you endless outfits to wear. Also focusing on Modesty, the collection features oversized, flow-y and non body hugging silhouettes, giving both modest women and and men a ware-able modest collection. Modesty is also achieved by the use of the layering technique where the layering of multiple garments can give you a skin covered hype beast look.


A strong contrast of black and white is seen throughout Apocalyptic Attire, with a bright fiery red and shades of grey seen in the third part of the collection, bringing in some strong excitement. Styling is kept minimal to keep it from clashing with the garments of the collection.


The collection is made up of a total of 22 garments and features a luxurious and very unique bio degradable, eco friendly and sustainable material called Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU for short. TPU is a plastic material that can be melted down into fabrics, furniture decor, kitchen utensils, cow tags and multiple other objects. The material is also environmentally friendly and UV resistant, making it comfortable to wear. TPU not only adds uniqueness and design to this collection, but also helps our environment with its biodegradable and recycling side.


 TPU fabric Is the star of the collection as it is seen throughout the different bodies, with a total of five colours ranging from white,  frosted white, clear, black and a fiery red. TPU is a very versatile fabric that Is seen on different garments across the collection with the clear layered culotte shorts, black utility vest, frosted oversized coat, black cropped utility vest and fiery red windbreaker and pant.

Apocalyptic Attire I

Apocalyptic Attire II

Apocalyptic Attire III

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